Helping You Move Forward

Present Partners Counselling helps young adults and adults with a range of issues you may be experiencing such as addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, panic disorders, OCD, eating disorders, body image issues, relationship issues and low self-esteem. I'm here to give you the room to understand what is going on for you, as an attentive listener that is outside of your usual support network.

I work with you to help you manage your emotions more easily, and generally make life feel more comfortable. It’s about learning how your mind works, and how to manage it for your emotional and mental wellbeing. I offer a place to feel safe, to say the unsayable with full acceptance and without judgment.

I will tailor my approach according to your needs, and we may explore how past events are influencing your current habits and relationships, and what outdated core beliefs are keeping you stuck or holding you back.

One of the biggest steps is recognising the need for help and I am here to support you in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Next Steps